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Corporate Offerings 

The Problem...

The workplace is more stressful than ever! 

With modern technology, employees rarely have time in their day when they are completely removed from work responsibilities.  

With a competitive job market, it encourages employees to work harder and longer, adding in the use of smart phones, lunch breaks become less interactive between co workers and more about their social media world, or still spent online trying to catch up with the latest world news or twitter trend. 

Not disconnecting means that for many of us we are performing in our "Fight or Flight" mode

(acute stress response)  as our brain continues to become overstimulated and stressed, and the bodies need to "Rest & Restore" is not being heard. 

Over time this is damaging, as the body puts on hold any maintenance it needs until the crisis is over. Side effects can be - decreased memory, lack of patience, elevated blood sugar, fatigue, obesity, headaches, insomnia and suffering from general health problems such as the common cold, all of which impacts the workplace.   

How we can help? 

Mindfullness Meditation brings the minds focus to the body and breathing, helping to improve -        

*Increased Concentration

*Increased Performance 

*Increased Employees Happiness 

*Increased Patience 

*Improved Time management 

*Increased Staff moral 

*Reduction in stress 

*Reduction in anxiety 

*Reduction in sick leave 

When we have time to stop, it allows us to reflect, release and restore - we enter the present moment, allowing us to be more productive, calmer, organized and in control ....... so whats good for the mind, body and spirit is great for the company; allowing your employees to feel supported brings wonderful benefits for your business, most noticeable is loyalty and job satisfaction... simply by hitting that pause button.  

We offer weekly/ bi weekly or monthly sessions - all sessions are 30 minutes long and can take place at a convenient time for your business, be it at the start of the day, lunch break or end of the day. 

No experienced to mediation is required, sessions are fully guided and include healing.   

Please send an email to info@merakireikiandyoga.com to enquire