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Reiki Sessions 


Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is an ancient Japanese healing technique that works with universal life energy and the internal energy system that we all have, its benefits allow our bodies to function smoothly, rebalancing our energy flows and aligning our chakras.

It is a powerful healing method that can assist tremendously with stress, anxiety, depression, Insomnia, illness, trauma and more 




What can I expect?

Each season is 1 hour. 

You are recommended to wear comfortable clothing and you remain fully clothed whilst laying on a massage table. 

Our treatment room is fully charged with Healing energy, so that you begin to relax the moment you arrive, with soft lighting, candles and aromatherapy oils.    

To aid with clearing the mind, we start each treatment with a guided relaxation, to which the practitioner then begins the practice of "floating hands" modality, whilst you float away to some beautiful gentle music.

No two Reiki treatments are the same, many different sensations and experiences can occur, from the feeling of heat, to coldness, floating, heaviness & pulling. You may also visualize colors, however for some nothing but a feeling of deep relaxation and safety is felt.  

There is no right or wrong experience for Reiki, it is love in its purest form. 


Once the treatment has been completed, you will be gently spoken back into your conscious body and be provided with time to ask questions, share your experience or simply to just have a refreshing glass of water before you carry on with your day. 

How often should I have Reiki? 

Depending on your personal needs, if you have illness from anxiety to cancer we recommend 4 treatments in close succession, with no more then 1 week apart, this is then reviewed and adjusted depending on how you are feeling. 

For general wellness and for a continual practice of Reiki in your life, so that you carry the effects on and out with you in your world, we suggest a minimum of 1 per month, so that we can retain the energy system in good clear health and balance. 

We also offer Reiki in the comfort of your own home and at Hospitals. 

This is also included as part of our Awakening the Goddess, healing the woman program. 

Single Session is $85 

Offered in our multi session packages 

Four 1 hour session package is $300 - expiration 4months 

Six 1 hour session package is $425 - expiration 6months 

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