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Reiki Attunement & Training 

Are you looking to tap into your inner healer? 


Our workshops are small, personal and cater for all. Whether you are just looking to learn self love healing, or if this is the start of a new profession or addition to your current role. 

We welcome you with open hearts to the wonderful world of Reiki - a true gift that will last you a life time. 

Level 1 - is focused on self healing, where you are attuned and taught in the traditional Dr Usui way to be connected with a higher power, bringing inner peace and self discovery.

Along with the tools to develop your ability to help others. 

You also learn about Auros and Chakras

Be invited to practice your new skills at our Reiki Circles under your Reiki Master 

Detailed manual to keep an awarded a certification. 

Workshop is 5 hours $195 

Level 1 FOR KIDS - In their own way, the next generation has been showing us it's time to teach them how to connect to their true spiritual nature.

Reiki is very healthy for children to learn, is can do no harm and allows each child to discover their healing gifts.

This fun 3 hour workshop Includes Attunement 

Manuals are given out ahead of time 
Age suggested 7-12 years 


Level 2 - The Practitioners Level, by receiving this second attunement your energy flow amplifies by four times compared to Level 1 and allows you to start your practice of treating clients. 

You are also introduced to the Sanskrit Symbols that bring a powerful addition for yourself and for your clients or loved ones. 

We learn deeper about our understanding of Reiki and also introduce Crystals, so that you can learn to use them, cleanse and charge these gifts from Mother Earth.

Detailed manual and certification are also given.      

Continued invitation to Reiki Circles under your Reiki Master 

Workshop is 5 hours $295 

Level 3 Masters & Teaching - To become a Reiki Master is a true honor and achievement. 

It is the time for you to integrate all that you have gathered, discovered and learned.
All participants (including myself) will be the teacher and the student, as we gather around and create a circle of love, trust and self discovery.
Over the course of this weekend, you will be supported and guided whilst we peel away the layers of your practice, allowing you to connect further with your own intuition, perhaps even reveal new gifts

Held as a 3 day retreat once a year at my private home, the weekend is also full of ceremonial rituals to celebrate your journey  

"In the end we must consider that a Reiki Master isn't one who has mastered Reiki, but one who has allowed oneself to be mastered by Reiki"

Please contact us for further information on how to apply for Level 3 Masters & Teaching